Physical therapy, or movement therapy, uses mechanical force to remedy deficiencies, improve mobility and restore the functionality of certain parts of the body. This involves a set of programs, techniques, and principles of structuring that address the human body for prophylactic, therapeutic, and restorative purposes.

There is a very wide range of conditions for which medical recovery through physical therapy is specific to and absolutely necessary. Given that, from the age of 25, the human body follows a descending biological line, the practice of physical exercise is an optimal method of maintaining the well-being of the body. The movement practiced consistently and systematically determines the gradual increase of the functional capacities of the organism, prevents fatigue and the appearance of diseases.

In the case of a medical condition, physical exercise is recommended for the recovery of muscle mobility, strength, and coordination through various methods and techniques having as main pillar physical exercise.

Also very important is a prophylactic physical therapy which aims to prevent symptoms or sometimes even pathologies.

Online prophylactic physical therapy can help to:

  • Improving poor posture
  • Relief of back pain caused by long hours of maintaining a wrong posture
  • Improving mobility
  • Balancing muscle tension
  • Improving the stability of the spine and other joints
  • Prevention of injuries and muscle imbalance
  • Relaxation of the shoulders and the cervical area
  • Improving lung capacity and circulatory function
  • Improving concentration
  • Improving perception of one’s body
  • Stress management

In what medical conditions can online physical therapy sessions help you?

  • Spine diseases: discopathy, kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis
  • Post-traumatic conditions: sprains, dislocations, fractures, torn ligaments
  • Chronic degenerative diseases: spondylosis, hip osteoarthritis, gonarthrosis
  • Inflammatory conditions: spondylitis, gout, polyarthritis
  • Some neurological disorders (multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, cerebral hypoxia, stroke, plegia, paralysis)

Important: Physical therapy sessions for the medical conditions listed above will be performed only on the basis of the medical recommendation of the attending physician and the relevant tests.

What conditions cannot be treated through online physical therapy sessions:

  • Neurological disorders with severe sensory and motor symptoms
  • Any condition that requires the physical help of the therapist to mobilize the patient