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For mild cases

Appointments that allow the patients to reach their doctors.

Medical advice

Thorough discussion about the patients’ health issues.

Second opinion

A second medical opinion on a certain diagnosis or treatment.

First guidance

Initial advice before going to the hospital for in-depth investigations.

What happens during a digital consultation with a doctor at Digital Clinics.

The appointment with a doctor takes place online for 20 minutes (video conference) and with a psychologist or a wellbeing specialist lasts 50 minutes. You will see the doctor and the doctor will see you. Before starting the appointment, you can upload any medical documents you already have, and at the end of the appointment, you will receive a medical report.

Can the doctor give me a prescription?

The doctor will offer written recommendations for over-the-counter treatments. If a prescription treatment is required, this will be mentioned in the medical report received after each consultation, and the patient will have to make a physical visit to the doctors’ offices.

How long does an appointment last?

An appointment lasts 20 minutes for doctors and 50 minutes for an appointment with a psychologist or psychotherapist.

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